We Named Our Paragliders

Paragliding is fun, so why shouldn't the colors of our paragliders look fun?! Depending on which instructor you're paired with and the conditions of the day, you may fly under one of these paragliders:


Rasta is a Ozone Magnum 2. Rasta is Bob Marley's old paraglider. OK, that's a lie, but Rob likes to think so. She knows the secrets to finding the most beautiful views and loves to relax and have a good time.


Big Bertha

Big Bertha is a Gin Safari and Mark’s noble, trustworthy paraglider. She is lifty, dependable, and safe. She has wisdom and experience and thus; knows how to get up when no one else can. Sixty percent of people who fly with Mark will fly with Big Bertha.

bigbertha-paraglider-san francisco.jpg


Gertrude is Shane's everyday tandem wing. Although, Gertrude was manufactured recently, she's 33 in paragliding years. She's mature, yet insecure about her name. Why did her parents give her such an old fashioned name?! Despite her name, Gertrude is efficient, fast, and looks just as good as she performs.


Hot Mama

Hot Mama is Mark's LittleCloud Bidule. She is a special paraglider designed for handling stronger winds and lighter students with greater safety. She is playful, loves to do tricks, and is very gentle. There are only 14 of these gliders manufactured in the world and she is lucky number 13. 



Gilbert - the purple dream machine named after Gilbert Grape is Bonita’s moderate to strong wind tandem wing. This wing was named by Bonita herself which is a violation of the Elite Paragliding Paraglider Naming Policy, but somehow she’s gotten away with it. Generally the paragliding community names the tandem paraglider rather than the owner of the glider. Gilbert is a LittleCloud Bidule and an exact copy of Hot Mamma, but in a different color. We all agree that our Bidule Paragliders, while not as efficient as our other paragliders, is the best behaving tandem gliders on the market and great for our coastal soaring.

gilbert grape paraglider san francisco